About GS4U

GS4u is a family business and was created by brothers Paul and Andy Gabel, now working alongside sons Cameron and Thomas

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Why Choose Us?

As a family run business we are committed to a ‘client service’ and building that special relationship with our current and future clients. We are happy to discuss any requirements you may have, domestic or commercial, large or small.

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Best In The Industry

GS4u is a UK partner company working under the worldwide umbrella of “SLUTAGRAV” now known globally as “STOPDIGGING” and we are fortunate to have the resources and support of the most experienced design teams and product development in the Groundscrew market worldwide.

We are proud to have Andy as he was the first Stopdigging partner and certified installer in the UK when the Groundscrew market came to the UK. His vast knowledge and experience is invaluable. Andy has worked on many complex and exciting projects alongside structural engineers and design teams throughout the UK. Also, Andy has trained many of the Groundscrew installers that are around the UK today.


On large projects such as property foundations for timber buildings or motorway noise reduction barriers. Rigorous testing is always carried out to ensure the correct number and size of Groundscrews are installed and fit for purpose.

The UK is many different types of ground conditions which makes the Groundscrews act in different way. Therefore, pre-testing is so important to minimise risk for the install and installations team. We work closely with structure engineers and designers to ensure all information is accurate and correct throughout the project.

Stopdigging has invested heavily on the research and testing of all its product to ensure the Swedish design and quality is always achieved.

With the above in mind ‘you’ the client has the reassurance and backing that Stopdigging Groundscrews are the genuine product and highest quality on the market.

GS4U in association with Stop Digging

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