fencing applications for groundscrews

Site Fencing

Every Construction site compound has a temporary area/structure, and this means temporary hoarding and fencing. This is a costly process and not reusable at the end. Stopdigging Groundscrews are a perfect eco-friendly way to keep costs down with a flexible option. Anything that will be used on a temporary scale, Groundscrews4u can help. From CCTV towers to security fencing and lighting.

Site Hoardings & Fencing

It is now recognised in the industry that all main contractors need to be very environmentally friendly and have policies in place within the company and only use materials that are reducing the waste and damage to our planet including forests, trees and timber. Yet we still see site hoarding being installed using 4x4 timber posts concreted in the ground then timber rails attached to them with ply or OSB boards painted that just get placed in skips at the end of the project??

Yes, there are alternatives to digging holes and using timber posts with cement and at present its concrete blocks… Why is that? When concrete is made with cement and now recognised as one of the world’s worst carbon footprints. Nearly 6% of all UK greenhouse gas emissions are now sourced from cement production and this needs to be reduced dramatically.

The pictures above are examples of wasted materials and heavy haulage all can be avoided as from now… With the above in mind Stop Digging North have developed a 100% re-usable hoarding system that does not require timber that will be thrown away or large concrete blocks that require HGV transportation let alone the manufacturing of the blocks.

Our hoarding System is a fully reusable system that will not only save the environment but save the main contactors money in the long run. Using our ground screws hoarding system where possible with galvanised posts and rails to attach heras fencing, anti-climb fencing and Smart ply boards is not only a quick installation but can be taken down at the end of the project and simply taken to the next. In addition, there are no trip hazards from rubber feet giving greater Health and Safety benefits.

CCTV and Lighting are very important areas in construction sites and we can incorporate this into our hoarding system going as high as 6mtrs so cameras and lights are well away from vandalism and damage by thieves, currently stand alone towers are widely used but these are very expensive and positioning for the best views can be hard due to the nature of the site and compound.

GS4U in association with Stop Digging

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